I'm a Experiential Graphic Designer specializing in Branded Environments based in Nashville, Tennessee.
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I'm a graduate of UNLV with a degree in Studio Art. After graduation I spent some time working for a design and marketing company in Las Vegas, later becoming an Art Director. Having my fill of Sin City, I did a complete 180 and found myself living in Nashville, TN (and no, it was not for the music). As a Sr. Experiential Graphics Designer I have had the pleasure of transforming spaces for companies that tell their stories, from conception through fabrication, all while managing and guiding the skills of other graphic designers.

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PIE Design and Marketing Art Director/Designer 2007-2009

Corporate branding, advertising, marketing, editorial design for print.


Brand Imaging Group Graphic Designer 2011-2012

Design, layout, prepress of environmental graphics, large event programs and signage, vehicle graphic/wraps, banners, and dimensional signage.


1220 Exhibits Graphic Designer 2012-2016

Environmental graphics for museums, halls of fame, and marketing materials for 1220


Gresham Smith Sr. Experiential Graphics Designer & Branded Environments Leader 2016-2022

Experiential Design, Branded Environments, Signage and wayfinding.

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